Artist. Double-Pug owner. Consciousness engineer. Co-manifestor of Earthly Paradise.  

These are some of my titles, but most call me Dario CiVon. I could talk your face off about what I'm all about.  But to sum it up: I am interested in integrating the past with the future. Cuz the present sucks.

BUT- I am a staunch believer that the future CAN BE awesome. I think some combination of nano technology, quantum computers, ultra-intelligent AI, and other technologies currently buried deep in secret government laboratories hold the key.  And so my art is me trying to breath life into that possibility.  

My Future Human Sh*t clothes are meant to be statements. Statements that I believe in humanity.  That I believe that we can create future of abundance, supreme technological mastery AND a healthy planet. And that, that--is not too much to ask. 

The Charcoals are my exploration of the past, and my striving for mastery. Even in our high tech world we still admire the great charcoal-smudgers of the past.   Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael.

Why? Because of the purity.We can still feel their connection, their intelligence, their elegance. Quite literally their raw energy is still on the paper!  All of this harmonizing to make a statement about the ineffable soul, and potential of humanity.

On that quest, I have been unbelievably fortunate to have studied with some truly titanic teachers who are direct disciples of the old Italian schools. Namely, Glenn Vilppu, Will Weston, Steve Huston, Ramon Hurtado, and more. 

So ya, Integration of past and future is what I'm all about. I study both and then I use my brain-blender to weave meaningful new imagery that represents the best of both worlds. 

Welcome to my store-folio.  Make yourself right at home. I would give you a cookie if I could. Please feel free to reach out to me on any platform at anytime, and together let's inspire a beautiful future!



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